Springing Forward with New Client News

March and April were busy months! I wanted to give a quick update on some of the fun client projects I have been working on. I’ve been so busy with shooting, editing and designing, I haven’t had a chance to blog in a couple of weeks. Throw in a semi-tropical vacation at the end of April, and well, here I am, back at my desk and ready to share some great updates. 

First off, I did a new logo design for MUGA client Seascape Creations, which they absolutely loved!  I really wanted to channel the colors of the ocean, which invoke feelings of calm, peace and serenity.  The client requested that we try to incorporate some aspect of the sea, as well as movement.  Several of the initial designs incorporated a starfish. In one particular design, the starfish is represented as a group of three, because Seascape Creations is all about having fun and being social in a creative way; a solo starfish simply would not work so this  design was the end result:

After the design was completed, I designed a special two-sided postcard for Seascape Creations to give out to their customers at the end of each event.  It has a special place where the instructor can put in their contact information and a coupon code.  Because branding is so important for any business, I utilized elements of the new logo, including colors and additional texture assets of the sea to create a consistent look and feel to both sides of the postcard. 

On Friday, April 13th, I had the pleasure and honor of shooting the Essex County Community Foundation‘s special Arts & Summit event at the Cabot theater.  The full day event, which took place from 9am to 3pm, included a breakfast spread, a variety of speakers, live performances, a catered lunch and breakout sessions with community leaders at Montserrat College of Art.  It was a full day of shooting for me, including a timelapse of the incredible artist Ruben Ubiera plus interviews with stakeholders and a lot of b-roll of all the action.  The goal of the event was to launch the Creative County Initiative. The Creative County Initiative (CCI) presents an opportunity to mobilize the region’s artists, arts organizations and community and business leaders to collectively enhance the quality of life in Essex County. ECCF’s vision is to increase the vibrancy of our communities by investing in the transformative power of arts and culture. The event was very inspiring. Below is the final production. 

Additionally, in April, we shot the second video in a series of pregnancy-related chiropractic videos we are producing for Aligned for Life Chiropractic in downtown Beverly.  On this project, I am working with the wonderfully talented Molly Merluzzi of MM Consulting, to produce this series, which include on-site interviews and b-roll to help tell each individual’s story of how chiropractic care really helped them during their pregnancy.  You can watch the second production below. 

As if you weren’t already sick of hearing about all the video projects I’ve been working on, let’s just add one more to the mix.  I’ve been producing an on-going special project for Forward Financing, a TechFinance company in Boston’s Financial District.  In working with my friend Katrina, their Marketing and Communications Manager, they have hired me to produce a Company Culture video as they begin their plan to recruit new talent to their quickly growing team. I would say I’m about 75% done with shooting the video, and hope to finalize the production by the end of May. I also worked with Katrina to help update their About Us page with fresh new headshots and sleek rollover effects for each team member. 

Finally, I am excited to announce my newest client, John F. Cole aka “The Old House Whisperer“, whose business will now have a social media presence for the first time ever and will be managed and curated by MUGA.  We are really excited to be working with John and his incredibly talented team of people, including Stephanie Rosseel of Stephanie Rosseel Photography and Jessamyn Anderson of Dingo Creative.  What does The Old House Whisperer do?  John Cole & Associates provide the historical architectural research and documentation you require to ensure your home is valued for its unique past and promising future. This information will assist in preparation for a sale, restoration, renovation, or addition. It also makes a perfect keepsake for the future. You can follow The Old House Whisperer Facebook page for updates if you love historic architecture. 

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