Renée Gannon

Principal | Director of Photography | Editor 

Renée Gannon has 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, media and content creation with a special focus in video production. She is results driven with a creative, big-picture approach to media, marketing and social. She especially understands the need for brands to be able to tell their story in a unique, succinct way. 

She formed Make Unicorns Great Again (MUGA) as a way to harness her media prowess into one creative media and marketing machine. Renée is also connected to many talented creatives in her region, many of which she will draw upon for a specific project or client request. No dream is too big or too small for MUGA. 

Renée also loves to cook, as she she showcases through The Unicorn Cooks special blog feature. In addition to cooking for fun with her many beloved kitchen gadgets, she also loves spending time with her wife and their friends, camping, hanging out with their four cats and traveling, whenever they can squeeze in a road trip or two. 

One of Renée's other passions is creating timelapses, it is truly an art form that cannot be rushed or forced, and allows for one to become at peace with nature while time elapses. Renée always tries to produce at least one timelapse whenever she travels some place new and puts out a new reel every year with updated footage Please enjoy her 2017 Timelapse Reel.