A Retrospective: Day in the Life, A 2018 Bradenton FL Vacation Adventure

“[VIDEO] A Retrospective: A 2018 Bradenton FL Vacation Adventure”
Years ago, I started dabbling in video because I loved to film my travel and vacation adventures and wanted to explore my camera beyond traditional photo. As a result of that was born the need and desire to learn editing, so I could use my fun footage as a vehicle for learning: to recreate a story of highlights from my past adventures set to music. Soon, “vacation videos” became “my thing” and my family and friends always enjoyed (or were quite possibly horrified by) the fun little edits I would come up with.

Cue life. Sometimes it gets busy and the fun projects have to take a back seat to the more important ones. Sadly, that was the case with this video. The footage was taken in March of 2018 on a vacation with my wife Tianna to visit her parents Debbie and Rob who always graciously welcome us into their home for a Florida-style adventure. As our annual vacation to FL is approaching, it occured to me that I had gigabytes upon gigabytes of last year’s footage sitting on a harddrive collecting proverbial dust. It also occured to me that both my wife and I had each lost 40 lbs since last year’s vacation. As I reviewed all the footage, it really showed me how overweight we were.

When I look back at the first videos I ever made, I have to laugh. Mind you, I laugh with an overwhelming sense of pride for my unwaivering commitment to learning and growing and ‘perfecting my craft’. Since I made those first videos, I see that my work has come a loooong way. There is still, and always will be, room for improvement. When I started to to treat my body this way, my health and my wellness became an evolutionary process instead of just another challenge that seemed too hard to overcome. And as much as it makes me cringe to see my heavier self on camera, it’s a good reminder of how far I’ve come.

Here’s to next iteration of videos and self care! I am really looking forward to next month’s annual pilgrimage down to Florida’s west coast so I can showcase some new skills, new gear, new angles and best of all, new skinnier versions of all of us (in-laws included). I hope you enjoy this video: “A Retrospective: A Day in the Life – Bradenton FL 2018 Vacation Adventure”.

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